This Dad And Daughter Were Out Shopping. When He Turns Up The Radio? Adorable

Chris is riding in a car with his four-year-old daughter Lily.  During the ride, Lily has her dad turn up the radio when "Let It Go" comes on and they sing together.  

1. They know when to have a romantic moment and when they can be themselves.

# Funny Couples Who Understand Each Other 0 - 

2. They know how to make you laugh even if you're extremely mad...

# Funny Couples Who Understand Each Other 2 -

3. They know how to turn you on...kind of?

# Funny Couples Who Understand Each Other 4 -

With colder weather quickly approaching, now's the time to update your accessories and prepare for winter. Maybe you've been eyeing that infinity scarf in the store shelves? Well, did you know you can make your own infinity scarf at home for a fraction of the price? Best of all, it'll only take you 30 minutes to do. Plus, you can make it as long and chunky as you like!

What you'll need:

  • Two hands
  • For a double infinity scarf: four skeins of super bulky yarn (each skein should measure approximately 130 feet and weigh 1/4 pound)
That's all! Just follow along with the video and soon enough, you'll have your own gorgeous infinity scarf. Make sure to turn the subtitles on for instructions!

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