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Aug 17, 2014

Father Asked Strangers To Photoshop A Photo Of His 6-Week-Old Daughter After She Passed Away

Ahmed Salam - 3:15 PM
This father asked strangers to Photoshop a photo of his six-week-old daughter after she passed away last week. He only had photos of her with medical tubing. The strangers'
response was overwhelming:


via : reddit (h/t: buzzfeedboredpanda

Little Sophia passed away only six weeks after her birth. She spent her entire short life in the hospital

The only photos that her father, Nathan Steffel, had of her were covered in medical tubing, so he asked Reddit’s users to remove them using Photoshop


Reddit’s artists and Photoshoppers responded overwhelmingly, sending Steffel their condolences and different interpretations of Sophia’s photo

Some artists even created pencil drawings or paintings of Sophia, emailing or mailing them to Steffel

There were hundreds of responses, all by people who wanted to take some time to help Steffel mourn his loss

Proof that dogs love you no matter how much money you don't have..

Ahmed Salam - 3:05 PM
When a canine structures a nearby association with a minding manager, their faithfulness might be unbreakable, and they will remain faithful to their holder through thick and meager. What's more not at all like us, puppies don't condemn individuals who are down on their fortunes or homeless. This post is a tribute to homeless pooches, who love and stick with their homeless holders regardless.

Pet puppies offer fundamental help to the homeless. They furnish them with unconditional love in a period when much of society has played Judas on them and they ensure their managers from the numerous dangers of the boulevards. Shockingly, numerous homeless canines are moderately generally tended to. Homeless holders will frequently decide to go hungry themselves instead of see their partner go hungry, despite the fact that they are regularly not able to furnish their pets with expert veterinary help.

Meet Walter Joshua Fretz – A Human Being

Ahmed Salam - 2:54 PM
 Meet Walter Joshua Fretz – A Human Being 

This beautiful baby boy’s name was Walter Joshua Fretz, a real human being that was unfortunately miscarried. He made it to his 19th week before his birth and survived for only a few minutes. Those who are pro-choice repeatedly make the argument that they are only aborting a ‘clump of cells’ that do not even resemble a human being. They are clearly wrong.

Walter is that human child you see on ultrasounds, the one that flutters inside the womb, the one children place their ears to their mother’s bellies to connect with. Walter, like each of us when we were at his stage of life, was a real human being with a beating heart. His death was natural and no fault of anyone involved. This cannot be said for the tens of millions of other children like Walter that could make it, that could join us on this amazing and beautiful planet we call home, if not for the human failing of deliberately induced abortion.

Walter was a devastating loss not only to his immediate family, but to his human family. Walter was wanted by his mother, but many children like Walter are not wanted. It is this simple distinction that makes intentionally killing babies like Walter acceptable to many in our society. But this is a false premise, because although the mother carrying the child may not want him or her, there are many other families that would love to make them a part of their lives.

There is also a system of orphanages and foster care that will shepherd these children to adulthood. Some will claim that this is a poor life and a good reason to kill their children. If every adult that was brought up through these systems were surveyed, it would be very likely that the vast majority are happy that they are here with us to enjoy their wives, husbands, sons, and daughters, to feel the sun on their face and to experience the challenge and joy of life. 

this is make me cry 3 -year-old Syrian said before he died...

Ahmed Salam - 2:47 PM

This picture is haunting and it’s been floating around the internet with the sentence:
The last sentence a 3-year-old Syrian said before he died: “I’m gonna tell God everything”
And that’s equally haunting.  It’s impossible to verify but the picture tells a story about the pain and suffering that exists in Syria right now.  There are many in the media who would like to say this is because president Bashar al-Assad is a ruthless killer.  And that’s half true.  Like other government leaders – he has engaged in war and with that war has come the death of tens of thousands and the displacement of over 1 million Syrians now living in refugee camps.
But this hasn’t always been the case.  This is the inevitable result of a covert war being waged by the U.S., Israel and other Sunni countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  Our interests in taking down the Syrian dictator al-Assad are all about geo-politics.  If we take out Syria – we neuter Iranian influence in the region.  It has gotten so bad that al-Qaeda is now fighting on the same side as the United States government and Bashar al-Assad and his government are fighting al-Qaeda.  And Syrians are all the victim of this massive global covert proxy war.
It has gotten to the point where we don’t even know if the chemical weapons that were used in Syria were the result of al-Qaeda or the Syrian government.  When it comes to matters of intelligence and propaganda – it’s very hard to discern truth from fiction.  But no one can deny that Syria was a very stable country until we decided to go in all guns blazing.  We’re not bringing democracy to the world – that’s the sound of imperialism baby.

Family Finds Swimming Deer

Ahmed Salam - 2:45 PM
They Went Looking For Whales. But What They Found Instead Is Just... WHOA!

Tom Satre makes his living spotting whales, dolphins, and other Alaskan natural life to demonstrate those ready for visit watercrafts, yet exactly when he thought he had seen everything, he saw something astonishing. Tom went over four adolescent deer swimming exposed water.

Satre and his family were around 1.2 miles from shore when they perceived the deer advancing towards their watercraft. Thinking quick, he made a rope out of mooring line and restricted them on board. At around 85 pounds every, this was no simple accomplishment. Look at pictures from this astounding recover underneath!

The deer saving their energy for kissing the ground when they return to the shore.


They were too tired from their time in the water to stand, let alone shake the water off of their fur.

Family portrait.

I don't know what I'm more amazed by, the rescue or the fact that deer can swim.

A Boy Who Was A Girl Fell In Love With A Girl Who Was A Boy, Two Years back

Ahmed Salam - 2:29 PM
He used to be a she, and she used to be a he. Now transgender teenage lovebirds are in love after they BOTH had gender reassignment surgery  

Love knows no boundaries. This saying has been proved true for the young couple Arin Andrews and Katie Hill. The couple met two years before at a support group for transgender teenagers, the two teenagers fell for each other through the story of their shared experiences.

Back then, Andrew was a girl named Emerald. In June, Andrew, who is 17, got his breasts removed as he had always felt that they did not belong to him. After the operation, he claims to feel much comfortable in his skin and is glad that he can wear tank tops, go to public pools, weight lift and lead a normal life, without being the center of attention. 

On the other hand, Katie Hills, who was a boy, named Luke two years back also went through surgical procedure to change her gender.

The last two years have been very difficult for the teenagers. Katie was bullied at school, and Arin had to change to a different high school when he revealed he was transgender, and has lost friends in the process. 

But now they both are happy together, Andrew is grateful to Hills and his family for all the support and love.

Now their outward transformation is complete, the teenagers hope people will accept them as their new genders, and their difficulties will become a thing of the past.
Image Source:   [Soruce:]


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